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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New book and readings by Noel King

Noel King is an indomitable figure in the Irish poetry scene. He has been championing new Irish writing for many years now, publishing many fine writers under his Doghouse imprint. I first met him at a workshop given by Pat Boran in Tralee in 1995 and it's a delight to see finally see his own poetry in book form. Details about a forthcoming reading that Noel is doing with Eileen Sheehan are below:

The Poetry Café, The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street,, Covent Garden

0207 420 9887/ 0207 420 9888


June 16th

Irish Poets, Noel King and Eileen Sheehan


Although both native to Co Kerry both poets offer, through their work, two distinctive views of Irish cultural life. Eileen’s strongly rhythmic voice weaves through a backdrop of rural landscape and domestic interiors to explore the depths of life and relationships. Referencing myth and Irish folklore, her earthy humour has an underlying feminist twist. Noel’s poems speak through a more urban voice; rooted in history, both social and political. The personas in his work give voice to the social and economic dilemmas of a people from wartime Ireland through to the post Celtic tiger era.

No admission charge. Noel’s debut collection, Prophesying the Past (Salmon Poetry, 2010) and Eileen’s collections Song of the Midnight Fox (Doghouse Books, 2004) and Down the Sunlit Hall (Doghouse Books, 2008) will be on sale.

The event is funded by Culture Ireland – Promoting Irish Arts Worldwide

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